Einfache Fairy Garden Ideen mit Kindern zu machen

Einfache Fairy Garden Ideen mit Kindern zu machen #einfache #fairy #garden #ideen #kindern

Soon your child’s birthday comes and you want to organize the Party of the year? So if the weather allows, you can plan an outdoor birthday party. Children of all ages love to play outside and would definitely be thrilled by the idea for a garden party.

Because in the outdoor area you can play, run, jump and romp. Whether in your own garden or in the Park, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate in the open air. You are looking for ideas for kids birthday decorations and fun games, then you have landed right here. With our tips, you design the best garden party for your little treasure!

The prerequisite for a children’s birthday outdoors is nice weather. In sunshine, success is guaranteed, so the months from April to September are best suited for this. If the weather forecast is still bad, then you should always have a Plan B. A terrace with Canopy or at least a party tent are recommended in this case. Even in the rain, guests do not get wet to the bone.

You have your own garden, then you can celebrate the birthday party in your home. A lawn, a few garden furniture and trees should ideally be available. The lawn is perfect for fun games, the garden table can be designed as a festive table and the trees fit perfectly to the exhibition of children’s birthday decoration. If you have chosen this variant, then you must clean up the garden before the Party. Tools such as raking and chopping should be put away in the garden shed so that there is no risk of injury to the little guests.

Even if your garden is unsuitable or you do not have one, you should not miss an outdoor Party. Public Parks or other green spaces in or out of the city are perfect for the occasion. In many Parks there are even dining tables and benches available to use. However, if you decide to have a birthday party in the Park, please protect the environment! You collect your garbage and throw it in the designated containers!

Regardless of whether you celebrate the children’s birthday in your own garden or in the Park, a suitable decoration must not be missing. Even a Motto is always well received and gives the whole Party a clear structure. Children’s birthday parties with a Motto are very popular with large and small children and also make it easier for parents to a certain extent. The theme serves as a practical guide for decorations, food, drinks, and games. Only a little creativity is required.

Many children want exactly a birthday party outdoors, because it offers significantly more play opportunities. You are allowed to run and jump freely without making sure that any object is broken. The fresh air offers a much greater selection of interesting Games, so the fun for the birthday child and his guests is guaranteed.

If the child has chosen a particular theme, then you should consider the characteristics of the topic in consideration. The possibilities for this are almost infinite. Of popular childhood heroes, about favorite animated films to various Professions, everything is possible. You can use the typical colors and motifs for the selected Motto and decorate the party space, but also the food and drinks are in order.

If no exact Motto is required, then a colorful decoration is probably the best choice for a children’s birthday party. Whether balloons, pennant chains, garlands, tassels or pompoms – you will be spoilt for choice. The children’s birthday decoration should not necessarily cost a fortune. With DIYs and cheap decorative items from the party store, you can work wonders. From classic to unusual – in the photo gallery below you can see many wonderful ideas for the birthday party in the garden.

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